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The Sports and Music Camp Program


The role of sports, music and arts in the Christian community today is greater than ever before. A Christ-centered worldview that intersects with these activities that many enjoy is urgently needed. The purpose of this camp is to expose young people to a Christian concept of the place of these activities in our society in balance with faith, to teach basic skills, to provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship, discipleship growth and to encourage the use of athletic, performing and creative arts as tools in communicating the Gospel and expressing God's glory to mankind.

Sports and Music Camp offers young people the opportunity to work hard at improving in the skill session they choose. Qualified instructors from many disciplines help campers to focus their efforts to develop the talents they have while helping them to see how they can glorify God through them. In addition, campers develop friendships through team activities and each evening they take part in a dynamic program featuring a speaker, music and video.



Skill Sessions

Sports - SPAM Camp focuses on fundamentals for competitive play. Athletes should expect to work hard (sweat a lot!) and develop skills that will enhance their play.
Sports offered are: Men's and Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's Soccer; Co-Ed Softball, Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee.

Music- SPAM Camp offers musicians and vocalists the opportunity to concentrate on further developing their musical talents through group and individual instruction.
Musical skill areas offered are: Vocal Performance, Guitar and Percussion. While we have offered Orchestra/Band in the past, it is not currently offered as we currently do not have a qualified instructor. Bring your instrument, even if you also play a sport! You never know when you may have the opportunity to play!

Digital Arts & Media - SPAM Camp offers those interested in videography, photography, graphic design, podcasting, and more, an excellent opportunity to learn or sharpen their skills, especially in ways that can be used in a church context. This skill session will be tailored to the interests and skills of the group.

Drama - SPAM Camp offers instruction in drama for those who are interested in developing their acting abilities. Activities include training exercises, directing techniques, improv sketches and developing (writing and producing) a drama presentation for the closing program.

Team Competitions

All campers will be placed on a "team" on the first day of camp. Each team will start each day off with devotions together and then participate daily in various athletic team competitions as well as other games and activities. Campers will learn what it means to work together as a team and will make lasting friendships and memories with their teammates.


All-Camp Chorus

All campers also participate in All-Camp Chorus. We believe that it is essential to incorporate all aspects of our sports and music program into the week of camp, regardless of the skill that the campers choose to pursue. This includes a portion of time each day to work on a musical presentation by the whole camp at the closing program. It is our desire that campers learn that making a joyful noise and glad worship to the Lord is more important than being a perfect performer and that through the chorus, campers may find ministry gifts and talents they may not realize they had.

Evening Program

Each evening campers take part in a dynamic program featuring an in-house six-piece worship team, a featured guest speaker and an evening activity that has included: concerts, multimedia presentations, camper talent programs, campfires on the beach and camp-wide group games.

Closing Program

The closing program on Saturday morning will close out the week with awards, music performances, the camp video and an opportunity to share testimonies of what God has done throughout the week. Parents, family, friends... you are all invited to attend this entertaining and encouraging conclusion to our camping week!


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Ministry Partners

Sports and Music Camp is proud to partner with several other ministries and groups who share in a like-minded vision of sharing the Gospel, while ministering to students and encouraging their spiritual growth.



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