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Resource Guide for Families

*Please Check This Page Regularly*

This page serves as a resource for campers and families regarding Sports & Music Camp and our protocols. SPAM Camp strives to provide a safe environment for all who attend while being diligent to the needs of our campers and community. This page will continue to be dynamic and will be updated as information becomes available and decisions are made.

Pre-Arrival Requirements

We are asking all families and campers to monitor the health of their campers prior to attending camp. If a camper is showing symptoms of COVID or other health concerns, we are asking that they do not attend camp. 

Camp Life

SPAM Camp remains committed to its mission and is mindful of creating an environment that is safe for campers health and also consistent with its program. This year's camp will operate as planned while maintaining diligence for the health of our campers and staff.


Like all previous years, we are asking for permission to be requested before individuals visit camp. Visitors to camp may distract campers from the mission and purpose of camp. Any questions about the policy may be directed to the Directors. 


Our desire is to communicate as clearly as possible given the changing circumstances and guidelines. For questions regarding the 2023 SPAM program or for information regarding registration, please contact our registrar at

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Parents and families are welcome to drop-off and pick-up their children at camp. Upon arrival, campers will be asked a simple health questionnaire during the registration process. 


SPAM is not requiring campers or staff to wear masks while at camp. Campers should feel comfortable to wear a mask at any time during camp if they choose.

Refund Policy

In light of the ever-changing circumstances, we’re keeping in place a generous refund policy if a camper must cancel his/her registration or leave early due to a COVID-19 exposure or diagnosis or any other COVID-related concerns.

  • Up to and including June 15 (10 days before camp): full refund (including deposit)

  • June 16-25 (within 10 days of camp): full refund, less the $75 deposit.

  • Monday: 75% refund of total amount paid

  • Tuesday: 50% refund of total amount paid

  • Wednesday: 25% refund of total amount paid

  • Thursday/Friday: no refunds

COVID Testing

SPAM Camp is not requiring any COVID testing to attend camp and will not be tested upon arrival. In the event of COVID symptoms being presented while at camp, SPAM's medical staff may deem a COVID test necessary. If a test is deemed necessary parents will be contacted for consent.

Response to Positive COVID Test

Working with SPAM's medical staff, we have a developed a detailed plan for the potential of a symptomatic individual and/or positive COVID test at camp. In the event of a positive test result, SPAM will contact parents/guardians to develop a plan of care.

Packing for Camp

All information necessary for preparing and packing for SPAM Camp may be found HERE.

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